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United Company is an Egyptian largest grain based agribusiness. United Company plays a key role in the milling rice, grains, and pulses industry, and has a strong history in the processing and marketing of rice, grains, and pulses both domestically and internationally. The companyís diverse range of services spread across the entire supply chain, including accumulation, storage, processing, logistics, marketing, and trading.

In addition to its core business of milling rice, grain, and pulses processing and marketing, United Company is involved with both growers and end users from before sowing right through to processing of the final product. At the farm input level, United Company has been directly involved in the commercialization of new varieties through the establishment and operations of its dedicated seeds business. With a national presence United Company accumulates from all grain growing regions across Egypt. The company trades in all grain commodities and is now one of the nationís largest rice and pulses traders.

United Company

United Company is a national seed business. It has the vision, skills, infrastructure and commitment to provide leadership and direction to the breeding, acquisition, development and distribution of superior grain varieties. The companyís Professional Grain Services subsidiary specializes in packing bulk and bagged grain in shipping containers for export, as well as providing a full range of grain cleaning, and grading.


United Company's history dates back to 1973 as the Egyptian Pulses Traders.  Following in 1990, Middle Delta for Import and Export established. In 2005 United Company for Agricultural Crops and its milling rice factory established to create the company that exists today.

Grain and pulses  Marketing

United Company's grain accumulation activities cover all states of Egypt and encompass a full suite of pool and cash-based sales options which offer grain growers financial and cash-flow flexibility.

The company has a very strong international presence and established reputation as an exporter of rice, grains and pulses.

 United Company exports significant quantities of rice, broken rice, white beans, sorghum, striped sunflower seeds, and white sunflower seeds.

United Company also has domestic supply arrangements for (faba ,fsta ,broad) beans ,pulses ,lentils ,lupines ,black eyed bean ,split yellow peas.

International Marketing  

United Company has a wide range of rice, and pulses available for sale to customers in Egypt and overseas.

Our domestic customer base incorporates more than 700 customers.

Our high standards have been practiced and refined over more than 34 years of operation, resulting in United Company becoming the one of the leaders of Egyptian grain marketing company to achieve accreditation to the internationally recognized quality assurance ASR ISO 9001 & HACCP.

This accreditation is an assurance to customers around the world that they are dealing with a quality focused organization.

Due to our attention to detail, we can work with customers to select the grain which has the characteristics and quality which best suits their needs.

For example, with rice grains we test every load our farmers deliver to us. We measure the grainís cleanliness, grain size and other properties it contains - segregating it into lots according to the specific qualities the load displays. With these test results in hand, you only have to state what sort of result you are looking for, and we can identify the rice grains best suited to your needs.

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