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The company's main product is Rice, which could be:
1. Natural White Rice (All Grades)
2. Camolino White Rice - Oil Tinted (All Grades)
3. Brown Rice (Cargo)
4. Broken Rice 100%
    Husked Rice: (e.g. brown rice, cargo rice, or loonzain rice)

Husked Rice is the least processed form of rice. It has the outer hull removed, but still retains the bran layers and germs are still intact. The bran layers give this type of rice its characteristic tan color and nut-like flavor. The outside layer of the bran gives this rice a chewier texture than white rice.
    Semi-Milled Rice

Semi-milled rice is paddy rice from which the husk part of the germ and the whole or part of the outer layers of the pericarp, (outer layer) but not the inner layers have been removed. This type of rice is usually consumed more by those who are health conscious for the fact that at this stage it retains more of the bran.
    Wholly-milled Rice

Rice from which the husk, the germ and the whole of the outer and inner layers of the pericarp, have been removed, but in which longitudinal white striations may remain on not more than 10% of the grains.

    Broken Rice

The broken grains which result in the processing of the rice.

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