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Lupins specs
8-11 mm Bitter Lupines
8-11 mm Sweet Lupines

Our Lupin follows a strict process of quality control
in the production , selection and hand picked select that
allows us to assure:
Humidity : 14 % maximum
Demaged , stained grains and without
Cuticle : 1% maximum
Under Caliber : 5% maximum

New Polypropylene sacks of 25 , 50
kilos or what the client needs
    Bitter lupin

The lupine is one of the oldest leguminous plants to be cultivated, and its ecological characteristics and protein value made it one of the alimentary pillars of all the Mediterranean peoples. The attractive old gold color conceals excellent, well balanced nutritional properties: 38% high quality proteins, 24% raw vegetable fiber, assisting intestinal movement, 7.5% minerals, and only 6% fats, together with traces of alkaloids (Lupanina, lupininas, sparteina and gramina) in minute quantities, which are very beneficial to health.

     Sweet lupin

The sweet lupin (lupinus albus) displays a high nutricional quality with; 35.3% (ms) proteina, 13,1% in fiber in addition to an interesting composition of amino acids and fatty acids. By the same it is a product with high perspective like food in the aquaculture. In fact several studies have demonstrated that the sweet lupin can be reoriented and from to be a product of agricultural origin it become  a main  ingredient  of the salmon diet.

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